Oceanside Rotary and San Luis Rey Rotary Saving One Child at a Time
The Oceanside Rotary Club and the San Luis Rey Rotary Club teamed up for Rotarians at Work Day by participating in a Science Lab day in Crown Heights (Oceanside).
Crown Heights is one of the poorest, and recently most violence-stricken neighborhood in Oceanside.  With community support, Lifeline has created a safe haven for children, providing homework assistance, tutoring and school support.
Twenty five Rotarian's spent the morning running Science Stem classes and organizing the Centers library.  Each child was given a back pack with the Rotary emblem and the parents participated in receiving gift cards to Walmart.  After all the work was finished the Rotarian's mingled with the kids and celebrated with Pizza!
Lifeline has provided a safe haven for these children.  The kids walk in the door with goals in mind:  finishing my homework, choose positive role models and resist gang invitations.
The Rotarian's that participated walked away with a sense of pride having made a difference in the day of a child!