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Rotarians at Work Day will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM. This years service project will be held at Ivey Ranch in Oceanside.  The Rotary Club of Oceanside will gather with their family and friends for a morning of painting.  The morning will conclude with the planting of a Carrot Wood tree at Ivy Ranch.

Ivey Ranch is dedicated to encourage the interaction of those of all ages, with and without disabilities, by providing educational and recreational activities.  Since 2983 thy have served children and adults with disabilities but will not exclude the able bodied, since interaction, inclusion and interaction are important components of their program.  They serve over 200 individuals a month.
Currently over two thirds of the clients at Ivey Ranch park have moderate to severe disabilities which include behavioral disorders, genetic disorders, and disabilities caused by accident or trauma.  School age children receive after school, summer and off-track care.  The Center also operates an equestrian facility, in-home respite services and a Community garden.

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Oceanside Rotary is a leadership organization made up of local business professionals and civic leaders.  We meet regularly, to get to know each other, form friendships and through that we are able to get things done in the Oceanside Community.
Our Club generally meets on Fridays at noon, at El Camino Country Club located at 3202 Vista Way, Oceanside CA 93056.  The meetings begin at 12:30, but you are encouraged to come at noon for some great networking opportunities.  Members are not just limited to Fridays luncheons.  Please check out our event calendar and you will see that we engage in other activities such as after work socials, barbecues, Moonlight theater performances, work parties, international projects, fundraising and so much more!  If you are interested in networking and building friendships in the Oceanside Community, Oceanside Rotary is the club for you!
The Motto of Rotary is "Service Above Self", and we take this to heart with all of our activities!
Our club embarked three years ago on a multi-year project under the direction of Rotarian Larry Hatter, to help bring meaningful, positive change to an area of our city that has been notorious for gang violence - Crown Heights.  We have entered into a partnership with Life Line that provides services to the target area and with the Oceanside Unified School District.  A team of dedicated Rotarian's volunteer to take youth out of this area and expose them to basketball games, Padres games, museums, theater, music concerts, tours of Camp Pendleton, and the Oceanside Harbor.  Funding for this project is raised by members of the Oceanside Rotary Club and enhanced by a matching grant from Rotary District 5340.
Oceanside Rotary supports a variety of local and international projects.  Through Rotary International, we support the international efforts of Rotary to eradicate polio world-wide!  Rotary and the Gates Foundation are determined not to let Polio make a come back!
If you feel compelled to make a difference in your community please join the 1,222,340 like-minded Rotarians who feel the same!
Please contact me at rotaryrenee@cox.net
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